The Kingsbridge Community currently swims with the Roper Mountain Estates-Ashton team (RMEA) at the Roper Mountain Estates Community pool and recreation center, off of Roper Mountain Road. The RMEA team is made up of two teams swimming together. Roper Mountain Estates traditionally swims with Kingsbridge, Kilgore, and Laurel Lakes communities. Ashton Recreation is made up of Ashton Lakes, Ashton Springs and Cottage Hills communities.

The Kingsbridge participation in the RMEA swim team is one of the few places where young children all the way up to the teens, get to participate on a team and be together. Entire families enjoy the meets and camaraderie. RMEA swim team is a great and rewarding way for a child to improve their swimming skills, increase their confidence, and build enjoyable relationships. We have a great time at our steak dinner and auction fundraiser and encourage more involvement. We have “Event 81”, a pool party, after each home meet – usually hamburger, hot dogs, or pizza and the kids love playing in the pool all night. It is a great summer activity to participate in. The swim events include a meet every Thursday in June and the first week in July, finishing for the big event – the Divisional Tournament.

In 2008, we swam in the green Division and won the division title.
In 2009, we swam in the Blue Division and came in second.

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